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FLEXIBLE TREAD COMPOUNDThe special formulated soft tread compound allows the tread blocks to remain flexible in cold conditions to improve the ride comfort and performance meanwhile increase snow and ice surface traction and grip.
ATTRACTIVE TREAD DESIGNThe larger tread surface area provides more rubber to come in contact with the road for a stable footprint and great handling.
HIGH DENSITY SIPINGMore sipes in the tread lugs of this tire allow the tire to bite into the ice and snow to deliver exceptional grip and traction.
PATENTED TEXTURED TREAD SURFACEPatented textured tread surface with fine raised lines provides extra traction and grip on ice.
3-D MICROGAUGE SIPINGEnhances tread block stiffness for better response and control providing excellent braking and acceleration.
WIDE, CIRCUMFERENTIAL GROOVESWide, circumferential grooves are designed to channel water away from the tire for hydroplane resistance.
NEW SIDEWALL BUTTRESS DESIGNA new sidewall buttress was designed, carrying over the textured design to aid cornering and traction in deep snow plus a pleasing aesthetic finish to the tire.
INNOVATIVE ELONGATED TRIANGULAR BUTTRESS DESIGNAn innovative elongated triangular buttress on the side of the outer circumferential grooves provides lateral support for handling as the compound is extremely soft.
SOLID CENTER RIBThe solid center rib provides the driver steering confidence and control
SNOW 'SCOOPS'Snow scoops grab and trap snow for better traction.
M+S Rated